The OAC is actively recruiting members. If you work for a company that crawls the web, posts data to social networks, or just generally depends on a fair and open Internet, we would love to get you involved.

One of our goals is to ensure that the web remain open and getting feedback from members companies, organizations, and passionate individuals is critical to our success.

Member Companies

3taps believe public facts like offers of goods and service for exchange, are public property that are openly and equally available to everyone. 3taps further believes that a "data commons" of public information is the most efficient way for developers to create offerings that cut across all sources of user generated content. Fair access to public data is a matter of good intellectual property policy, a innovative and competitive marketplace, and a foundation for free speech.

- Greg Kidd, CEO of 3taps

Many people believe that competition in the search engine space is vitally important for the economy and for free society. The only way to ensure vigorous competition in search is for all competitors, large and small, to have open access to crawl the Internet. The barriers to entry in the search marketplace are already high; unequal access to crawl data will prevent startups and big companies alike from building new and innovative search engines.

- Greg Lindahl, CTO, blekko

Our primary concern is the stifling of innovation that could lead to the next Google. Not necessarily the next search engine but the next company that builds a game-changer on top of open web data. We support the ability of all entrepreneurs to have access to the same public data that is accessible to larger companies.

- Jon Bischke, CEO of Entelo

Fair access to real estate listing and transaction information is critical to the real estate consumer. Without an open web, innovation is stifled and the consumer is punished with higher fees, less transparency and options. When that happens, the entire market suffers because it is less efficient, and weaker as a result.

- Jonathan Cardella, CEO of NeighborCity

An open Internet is critical for our success. Fair access to live and real time content on the Internet is the life blood of our business. It's critical to the future of the Internet that fair and equal access is guaranteed for all players in the market - both large and small.

- Kevin Burton, CEO of Spinn3r


Kevin Burton is the CEO and founder of Spinn3r a weblog and social media crawler. He's also the founder and CEO of StatMover a distributed time series database company. In a former life he was one of the inventors of RSS 1.0 and has been working in the crawling, search, and aggregation industry for 15 years. He sold his first company at 25 and his second company, Rojo to Six Apart at 30. He was also a contributor to the Apache Software Foundation and helped create Apache Ant, invented the XML format used by Gump and Maven, and also contributed to Tomcat and Jakarta. He also works on a Bigtable and Map Reduce implementation named Peregrine which is 10-50x faster than Hadoop for iterative computations. In his spare time he's an avid backpacker and has hiked most of Yosemite and Yellowstone.

Greg Kidd is the founder of 3taps -- which battles for open access for publicly listed exchange postings from popular classified sites like Craigslist, eBay and Backpage. He's also an adviser at the payments startup Square, and an initial investor in Twitter. In his prior life he worked for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and took public Dispatch Management Services Corp. Greg is the backer of Hard Yaka, which funds innovators in the UGC posting, search, messaging and payments space. Several Hard Yaka innovators have been threatened or sued by Craigslist on trumped up IP claims and interoperation bans that personify the types of unfair access practices that the OAC seeks to redress.