Great App Ideas for Startups

The process of mobile apps development can be simple when you use tools, technologies, and a qualified team of developers. But it will work if all these components are combined with the right idea; they make sense and become significant. We are going to consider some helpful and great mobile apps ideas for startups in this article.


Each of us needs to do unpleasant things from time to time, and most of us need to have a really strong motivation. This app could work in such a way that a person uploads a photo with a problem description, solves it, and other users evaluate it. If you delete your problem without solving it, your rating will be lowered. Thus, any user can evaluate if this app is motivational enough. The user's rating is formed based on the points received. By the way, the app can be useful for HR-managers who could evaluate the job applicant's diligence.

Assistant in Studying

Do you need to be controlled while studying? Then, you definitely have to download the app as soon as it appears. This app will be a catch for those who are self-educated. It will work in a simple way. When you help others study a topic or check someone's gained knowledge, you get points. When you need help and tick, for example, “I need help with my math homework,” you spend your points. The thrill of getting more scores might motivate you to study much better.


It's not that diary where you write your thoughts, worries, and how you spend your day. The app will collect a chronology of your day analyzing data from your devices, including locations, notes, site visits, etc. The digital diary will be convenient for parents who want to control their children, and for busy people who want to control themselves.

Apps That Stops Procrastinating

Have you ever mentioned that you set aside some tasks for later, not because you are busy, but because you are a little lazy? A lot of us have a habit of leaving even the most important things for later and, as a result, it leads to unpleasant consequences that may affect your health.
Using the app, you can set tasks with the deadline and set yourself a reward for completing it. For example, “I will have finished the chapter of my thesis, I can ask someone to write my essay for cheap and throw a little party.” This program might be beneficial for teenagers, students, and adults.

Motivational Alarm Clock

This alarm clock gives you financial motivation to wake up. Each time you delay the alarm clock, your money on the bank card will be written off for charity or blocked for a certain period. The app will be appreciated by people who are usually late because of getting up at the last minute and can’t save money but want to spend cash on writing paper service but missed the opportunity to use a speedypaper discount code or raise money to make a significant purchase.